As a basketball player, being able to dunk a basketball is one of the most iconic things you can do.

Imagine... running down the court on fast break, getting the pass, and elevating for your first dunk.

The crowd goes crazy and all your teammates are all celebrating.

But maybe that's not a reality for you yet?

Maybe you've been misguided with your vertical jump training...

With all of the vertical jump info on YouTube, it can be confusing to know what's good advice and what's... well you know.

It's time to clear up a few myths:

  • 1

    Myth: Calves are the most important muscle for jumping.

    Fact: Calves are important to train... but your glutes, quads, hip flexors & hamstrings are the most important muscles in your body when jumping.

  • 2

    Myth: Plyometrics are everything.

    Fact: Plyometrics can be effective, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. Increasing your vertical jump effectively takes a combination of exercises that develop BOTH your maximum velocity & force.

  • 3

    Myth: I have bad genetics, so I can't jump higher.

    Fact: It is true that everyone has different genetic potential; however, if you're a basketball player you can still add significant gains to your vertical jump through effective training.

  • 4

    Myth: I need access to a gym or expensive equipment if I want to jump higher.

    Fact: You can increase your vertical jump, even if you don't have access to a gym or expensive equipment, if you have an effective training plan to follow.

  • 5

    Myth: Vertical jump training is too complex for me.

    Fact: Vertical jump training can be made to be very simple if you have an expert coach doing all the complex stuff for you, and helping you every step of the way.

So now that we have these myths out of the way, you're probably wondering "How can someone like me increase my vertical jump then?"

Good question...

Introducing The...


The VERTFORCE Outdoor Training System has been engineered for basketball players who are dedicated to increasing their vertical jump, but don't have constant access to a weight room or expensive equipment. Throughout this program, you will complete 3 workouts per week, each lasting around 40 minutes in length. All you need is an open area to train and a medicine ball.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with your login information. After creating your username, you will receive another email where you can create your password. Once you create your password, you can login.


  • 4 Weeks Of Explosive Workouts

  • 27 Instructional Video Tutorials

  • Dynamic Warmup Routine

  • Post-Workout Cooldown

  • At Home Mobility Routine

  • Private Online Training Community


  • Jump Higher

    After training with the VERTFORCE Outdoor Training System, you will have gained several inches to your vertical jump. In game, this will help you finish over defenders at the rim and block more shots.

  • Improved Coordination

    By performing each of the workouts, you will develop additional coordination that will make you a much better athlete.

  • More Explosiveness

    Not only will this training help you jump higher, but by developing your fast twitch muscle fibers, you will also become faster, stronger, and more explosive on the court.

  • Increased Mobility

    We’ve included several features to help maintain and develop your mobility. Mobility is important for every athlete as it allows for proper range of motion and reduces the chance of injury.



Coach Aaron Chew is a certified strength coach and fascial stretch therapist. Holding a Master's in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, Coach Aaron has trained athletes at numerous levels. Coach Aaron has held strength and conditioning positions at various institutions and sports clubs, such as:

University of Washington, BC Lions Football Club (CFL), Simon Fraser University, Capilano University, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and Basketball BC Provincial Team.

Bringing a wide array of knowledge and professional experience, Coach Aaron is excited to help you improve your athleticism and reach your goals in basketball.


Read below to see what players & professionals are saying about about Coach Aaron.

Aaron, thank you for all the time and effort you’ve out into our strength and conditioning sessions. You’ve played a huge part in my growth as an athlete;  you’ve been instrumental in improving my running mechanics, which has led to greater speed and agility – something very necessary for me to be a competitive athlete at the next level.

Jaden Narwal, NCAA D3 Basketball Player at NYU, High School BC Provincial Champion, & Howe Sound MVP

After working with Aaron for about 4 weeks now, I have seen improvements in all of my lifts, which has also noticeably translated into the sports that I play. His sessions have helped me see an increase in strength in and out of the gym. I have added a few inches to my vertical, and have feel much stronger on the court and field.

Brendan Artley, Basketball Player & NCAA D1 Track & Field at NDSU

After [Coach Aaron] became certified in strength, fitness and conditioning I watched him work with student/athletes and saw his keen interest in helping them improve.  He led them in developing increased power, speed and agility which quickly translated into them becoming better athletes. His ability to communicate with others and his desire to improve his knowledge in the strength and conditioning field make him an exceptional coach.

Bob Wright, Former Canadian National Basketball Team Member and High School Basketball Coach

As a strength & conditioning coach, [Coach Aaron] expresses his knowledge through his words and movements on the floor.  His confidence and command of the subject matter in strength and conditioning are evident at all times. He is able to be creative in that he listens to the needs of his clients, creates an action plan in his own mind of what needs to be done, and then implements it using a strategy that involves strong client commitment and compliance.

Dr. Lui Franciosi , Adjunct Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our training will help you increase your vertical jump, that we let you go through the program RISK FREE for 60 days. If you follow all of the workouts to the best of your ability and are not 100% satisfied with your results we will give you a refund for your full purchase price!


Is this an online program?

Yes, this training program is 100% online.

Do I need any equipment?

The only piece of equipment that you will need is a medicine ball, or something similar that you can substitute for it.

When can I access the training?

You can access it 24/7! It is online, so as long as you have an internet connection you have access.

How long is the program?

The VERTFORCE Outdoor Training System is 4 weeks long.

Does it matter if I'm a boy or a girl?

Not at all!